Lessy Aviator & Co. ®     


Our Factory was created 7 years ago with one purpose in mind: to manufacture leather clothing using the finest materials, and the most exclusive leather you can find in the market, with a lot of dedication to quality and authenticity.

We achieve our goals by making each garment to specification, one piece at a time. Our attention to detail is second-to-none. We don’t employ production lines outside the European Union Countries, all of our garments are made in the European Union and designed in Pozuelo de Alarcon – Madrid (Spain).

As a manufacturer, we can skip the “middle man” and past the saving directly to you the Consumer, so you can be sure that you will get the garment you order in the quality you expected in competitive price.

Our Jackets Bomber B-3 and our Pants Retro Solitude preserve an important piece of our history. It speaks about the spirit of youth and adventure, evoking a sense of courageous, liberty and endless possibilities of life.

The first pilots and motorcyclists used leather on their journeys because of its durability, protection and warmth.
That spirit of adventure and freedom opened the way to our present.

Today, all our authentic pieces are coveted by collectors world-wide.

We know our Jackets Lessy Aviator Bomber B-3 and our Pants Retro Solitude were for ever treasured in the 80’s due to their outstanding quality materials, and we know that you will cherish and appreciate them the same way.