The name Lessy was born seventeen years and half ago. It was the name of my Samoyed dog.

Lessy taught me the true meaning of life, that we as humans should learn on daily basis; to be for ever loving, be noble character, show loyalty and fidelity without asking anything in return.

It was a sweet, noble, affectionate and beautiful dog, it never went unnoticed.
A beautiful white dog that was a joy to behold!

Thirteen years ago, Lessy taught me to find the strength to struggle against a health condition.
It’s company and it’s love was my true lifesaver.

It was my backbone, it supported me and gave me the strength to fight my illness everyday at all the time.

Unfortunately, Lessy passed away six years ago having carried her big mission, of being at my side during my illness and making it easier for me to recover. Wherever you may be, I know you are watching over me.

To remind her, I have registered her name and I have named all the garments we manufacture “Lessy Aviator”.

I hope you enjoy our “Lessy Aviator” garment line as much as I enjoyed her company for over eleven years !!

José M. Mozos